Welcome to Hagihonjin, the hotel with the hot spring source.

Located on top of a hill right before the deep valley called Momijidani, the picturesque view looks as though it comes from a natural landscape painting. You can enjoy 14 different types of hot baths, which is one of the distinctive features of our hotel. You can also enjoy the local cuisine, with a natural abundance of seasonal delicacies. Please enjoy a relaxing time with us in our facilities which harmonize with nature and our history. An example of this are the stone walls in the lobby which represent the castle town of Hagi.

Enjoy 14 different types of hot spring baths while looking at the beautiful spacious gardens.

You can enjoy our beautiful spacious gardens while enjoying 14 different types of hot spring baths. Hagihonjin is located right before the deep valley Momijidani and the hot bath facility called Yunomaru is located in a natural setting.The volume of water emanating from our hot spring is 200 litters per minute. The hot spring water comes from an underground source which was created over 20,000 years ago during the last glacial period. The hot spring water contains sodium, chlorine and calcium and it is said that the hot spring water helps in making one's skin beautiful as well as aiding in the relief of neuralgic pains and painful joints. There are spacious indoor and outdoor hot baths and open air spas where you can enjoy the fresh air as well as standing spas.

This is provided free of charge.Free Wifi access is provided through FreeSpot in the lobby. YUNOMARU guide map

There are two private baths that you can use by reserving in advance. You can enjoy looking down over the city of Hagi and its night view.

These two baths are completely independent and you can enjoy each of them in privacy.

You can also enjoy relaxing in a bathtub made out of hinoki cypress.

One of two baths named "Tsuki (Moon)" is specially designed for the safe use by handicapped persons.


Luxurious and expressive foods from the sea, the mountains and the fields.

Hagi is a historic town on the Sea of Japan. We offer such delicacies as "Aji" (Japanese horse mackerel), "Okoze" (Stone fish) and "Fuku" (blowfish) as well as a variety of other delightful fish from the sea. In addition, you can enjoy various tastes each season as Hagi abounds in foods such as “Natsumikan" (Japanese summer oranges) which are suitable for both Japanese main dishes and dessert.

Fugu(blowfish) cuisine
Seasonal food during winter in Yamaguchi

Shimonoseki city in Yamaguchi prefecture is well-known for its wholesale blowfish market. Shimonoseki has 80% of the market share for "Torafugu" (Tiger puffer).
Most of the "Torafugu" (Tiger puffer) is brought to Haedomari fishery market in Shimonoseki city. Skills to process " Fuku" (blowfish) have been developed here in Shimonoseki and this has made Shimonoseki one of the biggest wholesale blowfish markets. This is the reason why Shimonoseki is famous for "Fuku (blowfish) Sashi" (Sashimi of Fuku) – sliced blowfish. The more you chew it, the more you feel the refined texture and its sweetness in your mouth. Please eat it with local chives and grated chili radish as a garnish. Enjoy this lovely texture which blends both crispyness and sweetness.


Breakfast in Hagihonjin is buffet style. You can enjoy Hagi’s local produce and local dishes as well as our original dishes.

Guest rooms

The special room
The special room SHIORI

This is the most luxurious room in our hotel. There is an open-air bath in this room and you can enjoy wonderful perspectives from this room.

Concept rooms, HAGIBARE<Fine day in Hagi> on the top (8th)floor

You can spend a delightful time looking at the picturesque views of the city of Hagi which changes its face each season while gazing towards the Sea of Japan.

Japanese-style room
Japanese-style room

After a long journey, stretching your legs on the tatami mats in your room can help cure fatigue.



Please feel comfortable in a western-style room with beds.
All western-style rooms face the mountain side.

This is provided free of charge.Free Wifi access is provided through FreeSpot in the lobby.

Okuhagi tenboudai

Our hotel is located halfway up Mt.Azumayama, 172m above sea level. An SL type shuttle bus will take you to the top of this mountain where you can enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the city of Hagi. From there, you can see islands on the Sea of Japan and the castle town of the Mori lords where the Leaders of Meiji restoration such as Mr. Shoin Yoshida, Mr. Shinsaku Takasugi, Mr. Hirobumi Ito and Mr. Kogoro Katsura (Mr. Takayoshi Kido) etc. used to live.


Access to Hagi by Airplane

- Daiichi Kotsu Taxi tel 0838-25-5050
- Hagi-KintetsuTaxi tel 0838-22-0924

*The bus from Yamaguchi Ube Airport arrives at bus stop No.3 at JR Shin-Yamaguchi station.
Please proceed to Bus stop No. 1 for Hagi.

by Train

How to get to Hagihonjin
From Shin-Yamaguchi station, both the JR bus and the Bocho bus travel are available to Higashi-Hagi station. For further details and the latest time tables and tariff, please refer to the following URL http://www.bochobus.co.jp/05/00.htm#top

by Car

Inauguration of “ Super Hagi Go “
“ Super Hagi Go “ , a direct bus service between JR Shin Yamaguchi station and Hagi Meirin Center, is operated from the 11th of January ,2015 to the 10th of January 2016.

It takes only 60 minutes from JR Shin Yamaguchi statin to Hagi Meirin Center with this direct bus service.
The bus fee is 2,060 JPY , the same as the present bus service .

The journey takes 60 minutes and the fare is JPY 2060 which is the same as the conventional bus fare.

For the timetable please consult the following link

URL; http://hagishi.com/upload/files/superhagigou.jikoku.pdf

Shinkansen connections can be found by going to

URL; http://hagishi.com/upload/files/superhagigou.shinaknsen..pdf

“ Yamaguchi Bus Pass “ on sale

URL; http://www.hagihonjin.co.jp/blog/log/eid439.html


Do you have Wifi ?
Yes, we do.  Free WiFi access is provided through FreeSpot in the lobby.
Do you have a laundry service ?

No, we don’t. But there are some local laundry service ( “ Dry Cleaning” ) shops near our hotel.
If you have your laundry picked up by 8:00 am , it will be returned by 6:00 pm on the same day by some local laundry service shops on weekdays.(Not available on weekends and national holidays)

As for a Laundrette (“ Coin Laundry ”) , it is located next to the children's products shop named Nishimatsuya in Hagi and it is only a few minutes away by car from our hotel.

Do you have rental bicycles ?
Yes, we do. Rental bicycles are available at JPY 160 per hour with prior reservation.
When are Check- in time and check-out time ?
Check in time is after 3:30 pm and check out time is before 10:00 am.
Is there any  Shuttle bus service between JR Higashi Hagi station and your hotel ?

When you arrive at JR Higashi Hagi station, we will pick you up at the station with our micro bus between the hours of 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm.
Please give us a call at 22-5252 when you reach JR Higashi Hagi station.
There is also a bus from our hotel to JR Higasi Hagi station which leaves at 8:00 am , 8:30 am , 9:00 am, 9:30 am and 10:00 am the next morning upon your request.